Melbourne – PTE – APRIL | Most Repeated Questions

5 April 2018

Victoria University- 9 am
RS- short and easy
Reading blanks all new and bit tough and same with reorder paragraphs
experience is better than formal education
2- some universities assess students at the end of academic year but some throughout the year. Advantages and disadvantages of both systems and which u favor
Swts- both new
Ssts- both new and 1 was very difficult about human rights and something
Wfds- 3, out of which 2 were long and difficult

Vic uni exam

RS: long and hard
DI: mostly maps and pictures only one graph
RL: all new (don’t remember the topic)
SWT: got two. One was about equality and equity in education and second one don’t remember
Essays: 2 as well. “Study and employment” and other one was “different people having different views about creativity”
Reading was all new. Some easy others hard
Wfd: 3 and all long sentences
SST: I think it was on spread of HIV infection and other was on cosmology