Listening – Fill in the Blanks

What to expect

In this sections, a transcript of a recording appears on screen with several blanks. After listening to the recording, type the missing word in each gap. There will be 2-3 items sets in the exam from this section. Each recording will be between 40-90 seconds long.

How you are scored

Partial credit:

1 Each correct word spelled correctly
0 Minimum score Strategy

If you are good typing in the computer use the keyboard to write the words, however, if you few more familiar writing in the paper use the paper. Practice to find your best approach!

Fill in the blanks as the recording is being played. Don’t bother for spellings when filling initially. Just make sure you quickly capture the word and are staying on the same text as the recording.

Try not to lag behind or go too far ahead. Once you are done filing all the blanks quickly revisit them and correct for any spelling errors. Incorrectly spelled words get zero marks.

  1. PageRank
  2. Abandoned Pueblos
  3. Partial Migrants
  4. Counterintuitive Findings
  5. Astronomers observed two neutron stars collide
  6. Bar Code
  7. US Students
  8. CEO Strategy
  9. Public Views
  10. Neo-Latin
  11. Shakespeare
  12. Warmer Ocean
  13. Water Crisis
  14. Laurence Stephen Lowry
  15. Animals
  16. Beautiful Building
  17. Shift in ocean currents
  18. Financial Markets
  19. Trade War
  20. Virus