MCQ – Multiple Select

What to expect

In this section, you are given a text. Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct. There will generally be 2 questions asked in the exam from this section. The text will be around 100 words each with 4 options provided in each question.

How you are scored


1 Correct response
0 Incorrect response


Read the question first and quickly go through the options given. Don’t focus too much on what the correct answer is going to be at this stage. Just get a sense of what is being asked. Now read the text given. As noted, it is important to read with the intention of understanding. Don’t think about the question, just focus on understanding the text. Once you have read it all, get back to the question and eliminate all the incorrect responses, picking the correct answer.

Our recommendation is to don’t spend more than 40 seconds in this question. YES just 40 seconds.

Why? Because this question does not give you HIGH marks and you should use your time to focus on Fill In The Blanks Drag n Drop and Reorder Paragraphs.

  1. A Xhosa bride in southern Africa, in contrast to her western counterpart, is expected to show
  2. There are perhaps three ways of looking at furniture: some people see it as purely
  3. Why do some countries drive on the left, while others – the majority- drive on the right?
  4. In 1861, Matthew Brady, a well-known portrait photographer, approached President Lincoln
  5. Before Luke Howard invented his system for classifying clouds, they had simply
  6. When does a hobby or pastime, or whatever you want to call what you do in your leisure time
  7. Sensitivity to physical laws is thus an important consideration for the maker of applied-art objects
  8. It should be obvious that cetaceans—whales, porpoises, and dolphins—are mammals
  9. The fossil consists of a complete skull of an archaeocyte
  10. An even more exciting find was reported in 1994, also from Pakistan
  11. The cinema did not emerge as a form of mass consumption until its technology
  12. The Psychodynamic Approach
  13. The Cognitive Approach. Cognitive psychologists assert that our behavior is influenced by our values
  14. Goods produced by factories were not as finished or elegant as those done by hand
  15. In this newly emerging economic order, workers sometimes organized to protect
  16. There are adaptations that increase the amount of forward thrust as well as those that reduce drag
  17. During Jackson’s second term, his opponents had gradually come together to form the Whig party
  18. Most investigators concur that certain facial expressions suggest the same emotions in all people
  19. Psychological researchers generally recognize that facial expressions reflect emotional states
  20. Hills and mountains are often regarded as the epitome of permanence
  21. The opposite of an opportunist is a competitor
  22. In Southwest France in the 1940’s, playing children discovered Lascaux Grotto
  23. A third opinion takes psychological motivation much further into the realm of tribal
  24. Since 1980, the use of wind to produce electricity has been growing rapidly
  25. Large wind farms might interfere with the flight patterns of migratory birds in certain areas
  26. There is increasing evidence that the impacts of meteorites have had important effects on Earth
  27. The impact of a meteorite released an enormous amount of energy, excavating a crater about twice
  28. How are we to understand their different feeding preferences?
  29. The differences in feeding preferences lead, in turn, to differences in migratory habits
  30. Fuller devised a type of dance that focused on the shifting play of lights and colors
  31. Fuller had scientific leanings and constantly experimented with electrical lighting
  32. At the Paris Exposition in 1900, Fuller had her own theater, where, in addition to her own dances
  33. Icebergs are massive blocks of ice, irregular in shape; they float with only about 12 percent
  34. Europe in the eleventh century underwent enormous social, technological, and economic changes
  35. Political dominance belonged to the north. Germany, France, and England
  36. The current concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about 360 parts per million
  37. Dennett recognizes that all human minds are shaped not only by natural selection
  38. Now, Osvanny Ramos of the Ecole Normale Suprieure in Lyon, France, and colleagues say prediction
  39. By the laws of probability, most decisions made under pressure should be flawed ones
  40. Here is a part of Spain’s sun-baked Andalucia that is extraordinary not only because
  41. September 2, 1752, was a great day in the history of sleep
  42. -ray crystallography is the study of crystal structures through X-ray diffraction techniques