MCQ Single Select

What to expect

In this section, you are given a text. Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct. There will generally be 2 questions asked in the exam from this section. The text will be around 100 words each with 4 options provided in each question.

How you are scored


1 Correct response
0 Incorrect response


Read the question first and quickly go through the options given. Don’t focus too much on what the correct answer is going to be at this stage. Just get a sense of what is being asked. Now read the text given. As noted, it is important to read with the intention of understanding. Don’t think about the question, just focus on understanding the text. Once you have read it all, get back to the question and eliminate all the incorrect responses, picking the correct answer.

Our recommendation is to don’t spend more than 40 seconds in this question. YES just 40 seconds.

Why? Because this question does not give you HIGH marks and you should use your time to focus on Fill In The Blanks Drag n Drop and Reorder Paragraphs.

  1. The transition from forest to treeless tundra on a mountain slope is often a dramatic one
  2. Since the Hawaiian Islands have never been connected to other land masses, the great variety of plants in Hawaii
  3. Diamonds, an occasional component of rare igneous rocks called lamproites and kimberlites
  4. One of the questions of interest in the study of the evolution of spiders is whether
  5. Historically, a cornerstone of classical empiricism has been the notion
  6. The transplantation of organs from one individual to another normally involves two major problems
  7. In The Women of Mexico City, 1796-1857, Sylvia Marina Arrom argues that the status of women in Mexico City
  8. Biologists have long maintained that two groups of pinnipeds, sea lions and walruses
  9. In a recent study, David Cressy examines two central questions concerning English immigration to New England
  10. Quantum mechanics is a highly successful theory: it supplies methods for accurately calculating
  11. The 1960’s witnessed two profound social movements: the civil rights movement and the movement protesting the war in Vietnam
  12. Recently some scientists have concluded that meteorites found on Earth and long believed to have a Martian
  13. Hank Morgan, the hero of Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
  14. The success of fluoride in combating dental decay is well established and, without a doubt
  15. The outpouring of contemporary American Indian literature in the last two decades
  16. Typically the queen honeybee is mother to all the bees in a hive; after mating with several male drones from other colonies
  17. Influenced by the view of some twentieth-century feminists that women’s position
  18. One explanation for the tendency of animals to be more vigilant in smaller groups
  19. An experiment conducted aboard Space Lab in 1983
  20. Although the hormone adrenaline is known to regulate memory storage, it does not pass from the blood into brain cells
  21. Geologists Harris and Gass hypothesized that the Red Sea rift developed along the line of a suture
  22. Analysis of prehistoric air trapped in tiny bubbles beneath the polar ice sheets and of the composition
  23. When literary periods are defined on the basis of men’s writing, women’s writing must be forcibly assimilated into an irrelevant grid
  24. Trade was the mainstay of the urban economy in the Middle East
  25. The periodic table is a chart that reflects the periodic recurrence of chemical and physical properties
  26. The Sun is the hub of a huge rotating system consisting of nine planets
  27. In the fourteenth century, a number of political developments cut Europe’s overland trade routes to southern and eastern Asia
  28. No scientific derivations prove any aura of mystery enveloping the Bermuda Triangle
  29. Civilization is not inimical to health and long life. In fact, the contrary is true
  30. Many of today’s most trusted sales techniques were invented over a century ago by a young merchant named Eaton in Toronto
  31. An understanding of man’s effect on the balance of nature is crucial to being able to find the appropriate
  32. It is believed that Cushitic-speaking people were the first ethnic group to migrate to today’s Kenya
  33. Mars Global Surveyor is the oldest of five NASA robotic devices, which is designed
  34. Immediately relevant to game theory are the sex ratios in certain
  35. It is generally believed that the Second World War began on September 1, 1939
  36. Until the 1600s, English was, for the most part, spoken only in England,
  37. Angkor was the site of several capitals of the Khmer Empire, north of Tonlé Sap lake
  38. Excise taxes are governmental levies an specific goods produced and consumed inside a country
  39. Many argue that art cannot be defined. We could go about this in several ways.
  40. Kyoto, is a city located in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan
  41. The premise of the Hollywood