Melbourne – PTE – August/September 2018 – Most Repeated Questions

I had my exam today in polytechnic, preston.
I got 2-3 FIB from the materials
RP- the Canadian institute, another new one
SST- laughter Berlin wall
Another new one
SWT- skipping breakfast the new version one, another was new
Essay- life experiences teach effectively than books n college. Agree or not
WFD – The qualification will be assessed by using a conference criterion to approach. Rest can’t remember.

I thought it was through the small meeting room
evaluation forms are reviewed by university peronnel
free campus tour run in summer for prospective student

marks deduction from student given late work

government play trick

technologie prediction

Repeat sentence
he constantly looking for the way to bring agriculture and industry together

Today RMIT :

SWT: American’s Language , London financial Hub, employees and workers…managers…solution…
Need training to do better business?

Fib: 2-3 from prediction file

Essay: World’s government and International organisation for global problem?
SST: Laughter Berlin Wall, Body Fat.
WFD: The first assignment is due on the fourteenth of September.
* observers waited nervously and atribatedly hold the breath for the concert.
* You’re required to complete the research paper by Monday.

exam memories: Person 20.09.2018: seat 3:
SWT: Al gore (IPCC) & tree ring dating
Essay: balance b/w work life & leisure
people getting benefits from globalisation
Retell lecture/SST: drug advertisement & expensive Australian housing
Repeat: verdict convincing to the jury

Just gave my exam in Boxhill, it’s a very good centre, they have plenty of staff to assist.

The fib 2 of them were frm prediction file,
Essay was about commercial advertisement & time to cope up between work n study.

Reading was easy
Retell lecture was extremely tough & new and with very less time.
Wfd was not bad,
The last word was not that clear

One was) native speaker get extent in test of their own language,

Second) seeking formal extension.

Swt was) Australia voting and its relating to that about y is it compulsory to vote.

Other Swt, I can’t remember.

The essay was traditional education or experimental learning for high school n college.
Retell lecture: happiness

Just came from exam… SWT- the very 1st question from prediction file ..plug-in PEV… from describe image… the one with the Trout fish… essay- how country can measure its economic growth from ‘people’s happiness index’…. its ways to measure…. WFD was really fast and unclear :weary:

Wfd- supply and demand, participants individually select their subjects, those seeking for further extension should contact to their faculty for further information, departments has higher than number of graduate students.

Sst- global climate change
Female novelist

Essay- shopping malls replacing small shops

Swt – Nobel prize IPCC and gore
– voting compulsory in Australia

Just finished exam in rmit uni no 8

Citizenship curriculum,

Swt online teaching n learning
Tv as a news marketing.. compared to printed words

Essay experiential

Had exam in Vic uni no.6

RA-acceptable length and easy vocab
RS remain short length
SWT Indian and US advantage
The small war, they are in aiwa
SST the earthquake and faults
The definition of risk and safe ( can find it online)
Essay life experience is more important or books and school. Share you views
RO new
Fibres suitable xxxxx
FIB all new
FIBL easy and simple vocab
The toughest part for postgraduate students is funding
Thats all i can remember