Melbourne – PTE – FEBRUARY | Most Repeated Questions – #2

Preston polytechnic – room 2
1. RA
– Akimbo
2. RS
-3 of them were from materials and were short.
3. DI
-table describing business and eduction growth
– map of US showing tropical climates
– internet access to UK household
– line graph with temp and co2 level
– table with different languages spoken
– line graph showing Uk and Scotland pay
4. Retell lecture
– Mars – habitual?
– population growth with a line graph
5. ASQ
– pie chart asking for highest value
– person who deals with optical
-coast guards
– I felt most of them were familiar to me as they were from materials shared from centre
6. SWT
– country living
– Volstead act
7. Essay
– influence of environment on people’s growth
8. SST
– sound receptors
-need for language documentation
– other one was also from material shared from centre
– about mayors role in district schools with four sentences.
-fascinating book with 5 sentences.
10. FIB – dropdown
-2 from materials shared from centre
11. FIB – drag
-about paying utility bills easy
-others were easy
12. WFD
-Students concession cards … obtained …
-Animals raised in captivity tend to behave differently than their other male counter parts.
-…. building evacuated …. fire drill.
– something about evolution (new but was about 6 words)
13. Select missing word(beep)
– one was about Lincoln
– other was about party and answer was speeches I think

Pearson Test Centre

DI –
Age graph 16-64 64+
UK and Scotland Pay Gap
Image two man in a lab

Remote control asking for where stop button is
A book showing pronunciation, meaning – dictionary
Pie chart asking for highest contribution
One about saying course names and asking for the field arhcitecture


Inportance of talent


Relation between grass and cow
Australia Canada farming


Extreme sports

Finished exam at RMIT
Di – music download, London city, Maslow, employment rate, Highest language speaking
Anq – small boat in the picture and asking for how the temperature is like – sunny
Present third quarter in percentage- 75%
Image with different year and asked for when tractor invented- the answer is second last year presented in image, can’t remember the year.

Reading everything new

SWT – London financial crisis, armed police
Essay- information revolution brought mass communication

Wfd – The synopsis contains the most important information.
The library holds a large amount of collection on economic history.
Sst – Indian peasants with debt, Adam Smith’s law in Uk

Finished exam at Pearson :

RA- were easy and short
RS- new couldn’t remember 2,3 long
RL- picture of dark sky with stars and light which was actually a picture of the explosion and it is still a question why sky is dark.
SWT- NSW police
– Volstead Act
Essay- student’s assessed by written examination.
Listening- MCQ- 1. speakers concern about journalist.
– 2. experiment something
Options- measurement should be accurate
– should be precise
– should be multipliable
– should be valuable
SST- Evolution of mind something with genes ..
– business schools and education schools comes together to deliver management something .
WFD- The toughest part of research for post graduate students is funding.
– Tribe works with each other to build a monolithic statue.

Yesterday took exam in pearson

Wfd: control system in manufacturing provides high level of accuracy.
Our professor is hosting the business development conference tomorrow.
Human beings compete with other living beings for resources and space.
The party was thrown in the small meeting room.

Essay: Global climate change who is responsible individual,government or company

SST: LSE competition, talent war
SWT: Skipping bf content different,CO2 related, human and animal thinking

RL: Remote technology for monitoring fish,
Non profit organisation,
Teaching nd motivation related

RO: Barners book, other related to canada money related reform

Exam at Victoria university
tourism in less developed countries
Cows vs grass
Mary mayland

Cliffton , last Thursday
Essay who will be responsible for the environment, Indi, gov or companies
The unpredictable growth of tech
Retell lec
Monkey theorem
Reading were hard
Sorry, that’s what I can remember