Melbourne – PTE – FEBRUARY | Most Repeated Questions

Pte exam today pearson
Essay-foolishness to marry before study and job
Swt- voting and agriculture
WFD-all from old questions
READING-all new complicated and confusing
SST- Amory lovins

Just finished The exam at Pearson
Sst Amory lovins
Indian farmer content different
Rules of language
Wfd very long
Swt skipping breakfast New content
India and us programming
Essay dangerous sport
Reading all new
Only got one reorder form the list
Retell lecture
Welsh language others can’t remember

Finished the exam at RMIT which was at 12.30pm session
Computer number 12

Read aloud
Accent of him and brother
Minnors in undergraduate

Describe images were ok

Skipping breakfast
Quality and Equity in education

Listening summaries
Amory lowins
Government information
Music and language

Getting married before studies

Reading was not bad few were from the crash special materials
Deep tissue massage was one.

Write from dictation some were new and other from the list.

Just finished exam at rmit computer number 5
Speaking section all new
And difficult
Describe image easy graphs and pie chart
Writing Swt skipping breakfast
RSA nd farmers
Essay law can change human behavior
Reading easy fib and reorder paragraph were easy
Listing sst novelist nonfiction othe r was new nd difficult
WFD easy were from list
Sociology department highly regarded worldwide
Control in manufacturing is high level of accuracy
Our professor is hosting economic development conference or something like that

RL- one about biomedical research with X-Ray image
Other don’t remember

SWT – male and female birds singing & equity and quality

Essay – Law on human behaviour

Sst- student loan & laughter

Wfd – student concession card
Everyone executive during fire drill
Money and how it paid can motivate to work.

Exam at Polytechnic today

DI: + image of London in past and today
+ a pie charts in % (easy)
+ column bar charts of population by age
+ graph of life expectancy during a period

Retell lecture: all new but easy

SWT: + cows and grass
+ televisions

Essays: getting marriage be4 finishing study

SST: + prime colours
+ Mr. Green (AL)
+ rat licking and grooming but not the sane audio as we practice

WRD: +That means no many struggles in the lab.
+ one more fr the list but I can’t remember which one now

Did test at politechnic today at Preston.

SWT: male birds do the singing. 2 other new ones
Sst: novalist,genes and one new one.
Essay: is it foolish to get married.
Fill in the blank: most of them new Except that studied at oxford.

Pearson centre:
Retell lecture: how sound wave travel through the ear
1)Beauty Contests
2)Student loans

SWT: human ask questions & animal don’t

Essay: Is travel necessary for quality education?

1)national museum role & people
2) Shakespeare plays and modern viewers

-How many years is bicentury?
-Person who take care of ill person? (Doctor)
-Which is the longest running radio programme?(an image of radio programme was given)

Reorder para:
-Mother of Storms

Pearson center
Sst: DNA, secret life of bees
Swt: country living, humans ask question essay: written examination is valid

Did tonight exam in Pearson:
DI: virus infecting cells, rest graphs
SWT: – academic research library resources (somthng like this, someone knows the text?, it is not in our list
– right to vote (different to compulsory voting)
– Volstead Act
Essay: Example accomplished person
SPT: Amory Lovins
– Evolution human genes
RO: 1 from the list, trying to rembember
WFD: – Try to work with each other to build monolithic statues
– Sociology department is highly (renowded/regarded?) worlwide
Can´t remember RLs