Melbourne – PTE –February 2019 – Most Repeated Questions

Ammar Raza:
Exam memories (09/02/2019). Boxhill
Read aloud: public diplomcy.
Repeat Sentence: 2- 3 from website.
Describe Image: 2 diagram from prediction file
Re lecture: Dissociation of personality, Australia expert expenditures with image,
Reading Fib: 2 from Aiwa other all new.
Reorder paragraph: All new (total 3)
Writing: Better network of public transport.
SWT: All new (3).
Listening: Industrial revolution, Urbanization
WFD: 1. Your lowest quiz grades have been omitted from the calculations.
2. Participants are initially selected from a wide range of foundation subjects.

Boxhill Pearson PTE 11/02/2019

Breeding area
No ordinary book

Interpreters are not readily available in this department.
Being a vegan means not consuming any other animal meat.
Even with the permit, finding a parking spot on campus still impossible

Many graphs ( i an lucky not too much weird photos)
The image with Rhino in map

Talent war
London Architectures

Pavlov experiment

World Wide Web

Frog amber

Prediction file Mo.12. Maintain balance between work and other aspects of life

Re-order paragraph
Wagon ways


Assignments should be submitted to the department office before the deadline.

Resources and materials are on hold at the library’s reference desk.

The placement test of mathematics and statistics is offered every semester.

RMIT today 6 February 2019

– Blue Food
– CO2

– hospital
– Library

– Just practice in the website should be fine

– Cow and grass
– Computer IBM

– white rice and yellow rice in picture ( talk about manipulate genes)

– ILC student and staff
– Genes and behavior 2001

– Medical technology curse or bless
– Public transportation in your country

Highlited incorect Word
– damn fast! (2 question)

All new

WFD as i can remmember about
1. Scientis appreciate to…. world
2. Library located campus behind study centre ( with some modification)

Exam Memory: Vic Uni, 7/02/19RA:- Himalayas , others were new but short.
Repeat sentence all new but short and easy.
RL:- I think new.
Essay:- design of building , negative and positive affects on people workplace and life.
FIB:- 3 from the website and other were new.
ROP:- 2 from the website and other one was new.
SST:- use of drugs and human rights in UK.
WFD:- Animals raise in captivity……..
They were struggling last year to
Other one was new.

Exam memory box hill 5th Feb
Essay: design of building- where live and work
Government promise to continous economic growth
SWT: Plug- in vehicle, grass and cow
SST: implicit and explicit memory, pandemic
DI: how virus multiply,image no 23, comparison of the fundamental needs model with Abraham maslow’s hierarchy of needs
RL: overfishing
ROP: carbon pricing in canada
FIB reading: wine and ale, lure new students
WFD: easy

05/02/2019 Box Hill

– The best rice

– Kids watching TV
– Allowance for children

– library books vs digital media. Advantages & Diadvantages

– Globalisation
– Talent War

Exam Memories : 05 Feb. Preston Polytechnic .
Tesla but the text was different.
Others don’t remember.
The lecture on child’s psychology has been postponed until Friday.
A preliminary bibliography is due to week before the spring break.
Don’t forget to hand in your assignments by the end of the next week.
We are delighted to have Professor Robert to join our faculty.
ASQ: slump, telescope, triangle, elbow, parachuting
why is the sky dark at night?
Age of universe but audio was slight different,
educational leadership conference.
Amber Frog
Rosetta Stone
Other was new
Essay: online information vs library books
Historical records.
Study overseas.
One was new.
Two farms.
What makes you happy?
Australian women novelist
Serving on jury
2 were new.
I thought it was through a small meeting room.
If finance is a cause of concern, scholarships may be available.
She used to be the editor of the student newspaper.
Exam memory at Box hill
4 February

Demonstrated ability to write clear, correct and concise English is bigotry.
More female than male graduated from the University last year.
Agricultural sector on that country is heavily subsidized.

Space time
Bomb calorymeter
Low birthrate

Individual greenhouse gas emissions

University life experiences or University degree ( formal education) more important for job market

Deducting Marks for late submission

Some of them from website.

Bob Joss little bit different

If finance is a cause of concern, scholarships may be available.
We are required to submit the assignment by Friday.

0. At the beginning of each fiscal year
0. For any Marketing course….

0. Library is located …
0. Please finish all the chapters before going to the field trip
0. Send your all essays and seminar paper…
0. Companies need to satisfy customers…

0. line graph about sea level increased from 1900 – 2000
0. Line graph – male and female Lesure time spending (tv, reading and other entertainment…)
0. Solar bulb working
0. Bar graph- gender preferences for visiting different regions

RTL: 3 ques
0. Choosing healthy food by colour sign method
0. Bom calorie meter different version – measures food heat energy and it cannot measure digestible food energy( could not here properly as one guy was very louder)
0. Cannot remember

ROP: 3 all new
0. flooding can be occurring by sea level rising….

0. Brand name and smart consumers
0. Laugh and humour

0. technology subject specification
0. Skipping breakfast – aiwa
0. What is marketing objectives – BMW car company as a example

Essay: City are now expanding, the government should make better network for public transport or should build more roads to facilitate car ownership? Agree or disagree?

0. I thought it was through the small meeting room.
0. We study science to understand and appreciate the world around us.
0. University department carefully monitor articles and other publication by faculty
FIB- listening all new
Work ready for international students-

Date 02/02/2019 Boxhill
RS- Answering this complex question with a simple yes or no is absolutely impossible
I used to have coffee with milk and one sugar
DI- Trading Goods
Apple seed
RL- Superman and superpowers
Bilingual Parents
ASQ- What is the mountain with the possibility of explosion? – Volcano.
How much per cent is three quarters? -75%
How would you describe an animal that no longer exist on the earth? – Extinct

SWT- Beauty pageant / American English
SST – Misuse of Drugs / Sound Receptors
FIB – 40) By the Bronze Age drinking VESSELS
Essay – How important do you think is this balance? Why do people find it hard to
– The time people devote in job leaves very little time for personal life.
How widespread is the problem? What problem will this shortage of time
ROP- Vegetarian
WFD- University departments carefully monitor articles and other publications by faculty
The toughest part of postgraduate education is funding.
The same issue featured both the explanations and the problems

Vic Uni on 2-2-19

– Father
– others not recalled

I would like tomato and cheese sandwiches on white bread and orange juice.
Others not recalled

Mostly graphs/bar or pie charts
1 process

– 3xitems
– law of thermodynamics
– 2 others not recalled

– psychology (study about humans and their behaviour)
– parachuting (activities that are more dangerous, other option is long distance running)
– thesis/dissertation
– others not recalled

SWT 2 items
– plug in vehicle
– ‘small wars’

Essay 2 items
– medical technology increases the average life expectancy, is it a blessing or curse?
– some people argue that technology makes our lives more useful and interesting than the past. Do you agree? Support with examples

ROP 2 items
– Foreign aid
– not recalled

Reading FIB
– Australia & NZ shares similar cultural heritage
– ikebana
– study space

Listening MCQ multiple
– avalanches
– smoking

– something about brand design, consumer values and engineering contradictions
– vitamin D

WFD 3items
Radio is a popular form of entertainment throughout the world.
Participants initially select from a range of foundation subjects.

Exam memories
Vic uni 31 jan

Repeat sentence
Public public interests
Tomorrow lecture will discuss the economic policy
Remaining are small and easy

Retell lecture
Absolute zero

The placement test of mathematics and statistics
Business policy intensive internship

University competitions
Global climate change

American English
Small wars

Experiential learning
Kind of life of a person on his or her personality

Innovation IT

Mathematical teacher
Many of them are new

*Exam Memory Box Hill-31st January 2019*
RA-All new and short
RS-Long from website
DI-All from website
RL-Earth vs Mars, globalisation

SWT-Welfare war, World Wide Web
Essay- Is it possible for students to combine studies and employment.

RO-Wagon ways rail, $300 home.
FIB- Paris, Peter Garrett, Films.

SST-Fiction and non fiction, Universe.
WFD-The aerial photography’s, reputed scientists.
That’s all I can remember.