Melbourne – PTE – July/June – Most Repeated Questions

I took my exam today in Pearson Professional Centers, below what I remember:

solar watch
Australian education
balance between work and family
The secret life of bees
2nd one was new
Those seeking for a further extension should contact their faculty for more information

Jst finished exam at pearson professional
Essay – music promote learning in young children

Swt. – 1TV watching
2. Made a choice to exchange from city to farm cottage.

Drag- you have 30 minutes to answer
Drop down- one was there but don’t remember it exactly
Ro- one was there don’t remember nw will put images after reaching home.

Wfd- 1sociology is highly regarded department.
Tribes work with each other to build monolithic statues.

Just finished exam in rmit uni no 8

Citizenship curriculum,

Swt online teaching n learning
Tv as a news marketing.. compared to printed words

Essay experiential learning

Had exam in Vic uni no.6

RA-acceptable length and easy vocab
RS remain short length
SWT Indian and US advantage
The small war, they are in aiwa
SST the earthquake and faults
The definition of risk and safe ( can find it online)
Essay life experience is more important or books and school. Share you views
RO new
Fibres suitable xxxxx
FIB all new
FIBL easy and simple vocab
The toughest part for postgraduate students is funding
Thats all i can remember

Exam memories at Swinburn (20th June)

RA easy and short
RL New about language and linguistic wildlife in Argentina can’t
remember more
RS very long and tough
DI flags graphs photo of Nelson Mandela

SWT PEV vehicles, Columbus can’t remember the 3rd one
Essay parent held responsible

Reading all blanks new and very long
Reorder Monash student
Reading was tough

SWT definition of risk , citizenship education
Blanks were fast and with difficult words
WfD the placement test of mathematics and statistics are offered every semester

Done test today at Pearson
Retell lecture bomb calorimeter
Sst RNA and DNA and second based on language
Essay should marks deduct from students work if given in late and second is e- books are really available so its time to say goodbye to real books
Wfd was short and easy


Finished exam at Clifton SST- amory lovins, humour therapy
Essay- digital age made people lazier or knowledgeable
Public transport vs roads
SWT: US vs India programming, Nobel prize
Fib:music Greek,
Ro: paper, certifications include tracking

Did test @vic uni. RA was easy. RS was fast and lengthy. DI was simple, Rl was Armed police, Pigeon, SwT was simple and from class but can’t remember. Essay was cashless credit card. Rest cannot remember