Melbourne – PTE – October/November 2018 – Most Repeated Questions

Exam memory

Essay- 1. Experiential learning and formal education
2. Early retirement makes path for young people

Retell lecture-why sky is dark at night

SWW- 1. Benefit of Honey to Athlets
2. Frog Amber

FIB-Kimbell, primates, drive down any highway

SST- 1. Stanford University Management Education
2. Definition of Globalisation

WFD-1. The celebrated theory is the source of great controversy.
2. Let me know if someone struggles in the lab.
3. Assignments should be submitted to the department office before the deadline.

RMIT on 13/11/2018

RA – not from the prediction file

RL – Food Labeling

Australian education
Country living (persuading wife)

Cashless society with benefits and problems

Scientific dishonesty
A $300 house

Impressionist painters

What is talent?
Leaving drugs at home

The toughest part of postgraduate education is finding.
Free campus tours run daily during summer for prospective students.
The artists tied to conservative politicians earned their own role as the critics.

Date: Exam memories (05/11/2018 – Preston)

Read aloud – Blue -While blue is one of the most popular colors…..
Re-tell lecture – Four dimensions
Describe Image – Solar system
Tesco Extra music download

SWT – Plug – in Vehicle
Online teaching
World wide web – new version
Essay – Experience is a more effective way to teach, compared to books? Agree or disagree.
SST – Biology-DNA and RNA
Death of language
WFD – When workers ask for higher wages, companies often raise their prices.
Those who seek for formal extension should contact their faculty for information.

just finished Swinburn desk 6.

RA – not from prediction file. Few were short in length

1.Migration bird map spring and fall
2. Doctoral degrees bar chart
3. Transport modes bar chart
4. Female , male line chart about some percentages

RL – 4 points of space calculations

Summary – IBM Prediction

Essay- universities deduct marks for late works of students. Your opinion

1. Fathers involvement and reading for babies

danger in left-over drugs

1. One of the election promises was to decrease income tax.
2. Animals raised in captivity behave differently from their wild counterparts.
3. The City is focused on reduce rules become low (cant remember this one)
4. One more

So far, only these are remember.

Exam memories – Preston 23/10/2018

Read aloud- father (prediction File)
Describe image-
* List of states by income
*Annual income of bachelor degrees holder in different fields
*Beijing, China-temeparture- line graph
Re- tell lecture –
Linguistics,civilization and 2 other new
SWt – * Frog in amber
* Rosetta stone
Essay – Nowadays, people spend too much time at work to the extent that they hardly have time for their personal life. Discuss.
Reading – Re-order –
* linguistics
SST – International Environmental law
World wide web – swt question as a sst
WFD- Free campus tours runs daily during summer for prospective students.
The nation achieved prosperity by opening its ports for trade.
other 2 new

Exam Box Hill : 🤔

Retell- Small languages, and Poverty in Rural and Urban area.

SWT- Frog Amber, and The London City.

Essay- The Geography of the country has powerful influence of the character of the people who live there?
And Maintained balance between work and life such as family, leisure etc?

FIB- *To learn the speech of alchmey…
*The resultant of two forces is a single force…
*Peter Garret Copyright Scandal…

SST- Citizenship Curriculum, and HTML language

LFIB- Science, Occurs, psycological, lined, Universe, Brilliant, Millions

WFD- Traffic is the main cause of pollution in many cities.
*Participants initially select from a range of foundation subjects.
*The nation achieved prosperity by opening its ports for trade.

20th boxhill centre 2.00pm

RS: most of them from prediction file

FIB RW: galaxy systems, some of them from prediction file

SWT: Rosetta stone
Demographic revolution

Essay: cashless society

SST: African economy fish

WFD: Animals raised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts.
They were struggling since last year to make their service pay.

That’s all I remember.

Exam Memory:
Box hill

Read aloud-all new
peat sentence- a computer virus destroyed all my files.
We must hand in our assignment by the end of the week.
Put the knife and fork next to the spoon…
She is an expert of the 18th century French lit..
We are not going to accept the assignment after due date on Friday
Retell lecture- can’t see anything in prediction file
Summarize written text- instructor- researcher teaching students. ( the summary was in the first paragraph. And I included a sentence from the other paragraph. When I realised and tried to re write it I rubbed out of time.)
Summarize spoken text-
Essay- I had two- nurture versus nature and advancement of medical technology expand human life
Reoderr- human worship gods
Wfd-supply and demand is one if the most…
I thought it was through the small meeting room
If finance is a cause 9f concern, scholarship may be available

Read aloud- Shakespeare
DI- government expenditure: Education all sector
RS- the wheelchair lift has been upgraded this month
The lecture tomorrow will discuss educational policies in the United States
RL- Indian HIV training
Poverty in rural areas
Truth and Rhetoric
SWT- ageing population
Something about leadership
Something about social and economic challenges
Essay- problem/solution most pressing problem in the world.
Reading- aviation
Restaurant location
FIB R&W- distance education
SST- big bang
WFD- your lowest quiz grade has been omitted from the calculation
She used to be the editor of the student newspaper
A celebrated theory is still the scourge of great controversy.
Exam memory, Preston.

RL –
Bomb calorimeter

DI – line graphs, maps and pie charts

Rosetta Stone

– Overcrowding should be solved by city planners rather than policies to control population.

– In today’s world, different government and international organization are confronting many problems.

Our Celebrated theory is still a subject of great controversy.
RO –
Human worship Gods


Essay- parents are held legally responsible for the actions of their children
Swt-cow and grass
Language declining
Sst- urbanization and agriculture relation
Why housing in Australia expensive
Wfd- 1)The city’s founder created a set of rules that became the law.
2)Traffic is the major source of pollution in many cities.
3) cant remember but easy

Reorder —$300 house
Write from dictation–
You should all your tutors by emails
Everyone should evacuate in the case of fire drill
Is cashless Society realistic give your opinion and benefits and problems
newspaper and television
Study of subject citizenship
Study of brain implicit explicit and procedure

Re-tell lecture were should parents speak bilingual to small children, Economic development of developed countries and Aging of population
Essay was Large Shopping Malls have positive effect on development?
SWT- greenhouse gases and can’t remember
Re-order and few Reading filling in the blank from predictions file.
SST- what makes happy and Urbanisation and agricultural
WFD- from prediction file.
Repeat Sentence 4 were long but 7 were easy.


Exam Memory: Sasika
Today’s exam memory at RMIT
RA- A young man
RS – some from prediction file
DI – not that difficult

Writing –
SWT- this year’s Nobel prize

Large shopping malls replace small shops


Sound receptors
Implicitl memory

The accumulation of data

The ways in which people are communicating


8pm exam memories
Listening write from dit
Academic gown are commended
A party is thrown in small groups
When the wokers ask higher in wages, the campany increases its prices.
Sst: dangerous risk, safe( predicted file)
Citizenships in school
exam or forms of assesment
Study learning with employment
Swt grass and cow
Difference between quality and quantity
4 pie chart , bar garph easy
Repeat senst was so easy( some are from predicted file)
Not remember
Re order( predicted file) mittal
Essay one from predicted file


Essay: cashless society
SWT: cow and grass, Rosetta Stone
SST: sound receptors, HTML, something about theatre and academy
Fib: alien enigma, space travel
Wfd: internship with a local fir
Journalism can get jobs in communication field


Wfd – your lowest quiz grade has been ommitted from the calculations
SST – sign language
Essay – 1) maintain balance between work and other aspects
2) the experience of work is more important than having qualifications
Fib – prediction file
Swt – overqualified workers