FIB – Fill In The Blanks – Drag n Drop

  1. Climate
  2. David Lynch is professor and head of education at Charles Darwin University
  3. In The Origin of Species, Darwin provided abundant evidence
  4. Developing computational thinking helps students to better understand
  5. Books and articles highlighting intractable debt
  6. A herbal is a book of plants
  7. Seminars are not designed to be mini-lectures
  8. Scientists preparing for NASA’s proposed Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter
  9. From the earliest civilisations, plants and animals
  10. The National Portrait Gallery’s Conservation Department
  11. Although for centuries preparations derived from living
  12. Roads of rails called Wagonways were being used in Germany
  13. Psychology as a subject of study has largely developed in the West
  14. Of the more than 1,000 bat species worldwide
  15. The logic of the scientific method
  16. Bees need two different kinds of food
  17. Learning is a process by which behavior or knowledge changes as a result of experience
  18. For many first-year students
  19. Since the last papal reform
  20. The word Folklore
  21. Thea Proctor was just sixteen when her entry at the Bowral Art Competition
  22. The space work for an astronaut can be inside or outside
  23. The logic of the scientific method
  24. It is commonly said by anthropologists
  25. The overall result
  26. Work-ready international students
  27. The environmental impact of the global textile industry
  28. The study of objects constitutes
  29. A sustainable transportation system
  30. Music was as important to the ancient Egyptians
  31. The Dag Hammarskjöld Library
  32. Stars and the material between them
  33. To learn the speech of alchemy
  34. Music is an important part of our lives
  35. No two siblings are the same
  36. Paris Opera during the July Monarchy
  37. Deciding to go to business school
  38. The overall result
  39. You have about 30 minutes to answer each question
  40. Rudman & Math
  41. Progressive enhancement is a design practice
  42. Snails are not traditionally known for quick thinking
  43. Old Paris
  44. Plants and Animals
  45. Distance learning and young students
  46. Sales representatives work
  47. Reading is an active process
  48. Legal deposit
  49. Frontiers of the universe
  50. Students are increasingly finding it necessary to obtain employment
  51. Nasa to offer SpaceX
  52. With the increase in women’s
  53. Historic buildings
  54. From beach holidays
  55. The impact of tourism on the environment
  56. Once an organization has its product
  57. Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions
  58. Ikebana
  59. Steven Pinker
  60. So why is it a concern?
  61. Movement in painting
  62. The conducted study serves three objectives
  63. The inevitable consequences of corruption
  64. Genetically modified foods
  65. The first banks temples of the ancient world
  66. The result of the art
  67. Pop influences
  68. University science is now in real crisis
  69. Measuring Poverty
  70. Formality and ornateness have their place
  71. Trigger Points
  72. Impressionism
  73. Corporate Culture
  74. Graduate Journal for Nature jobs
  75. While Florey Researchers
  76. Richard Morris
  77. Nature is no longer an alien
  78. Kashmiri Houseboat-Owners
  79. Bhutan
  80. Most people do not get enough exercise
  81. SIUC Outstanding Scholar Award
  82. Phoenix
  83. New systematic nomenclature
  84. Dr. Clark Hull
  85. The coastal hypothesis
  86. Researchers International Space Station (ISS)
  87. How a country is defined?
  88. US Business Schools
  89. Shakespeare
  90. Beijing Language Institution
  91. Twelve hundred miles east of Australia the islands of New Zealand…
  92. For carrying out a detailed medical examination of a dead person – a post-mortem or autopsy – is when it is necessary
  93. Folklore, a modem term for the body of traditional customs, superstitions, stories, dances and songs that have been adopted and maintained within…
  94. Essays are used as an assessment tool…
  95. In animals, movement is coordinated by a cluster of neurons…
  96. University science is now in real crisis – particularly the non-telegenic
  97. Financing of Australian higher education has undergone dramatic change…
  98. School-to-work transition is a historically…
  99. Almost all public spaces nowadays have advertisements in sight…
  100. Icing and anti-inflammatories will help…
  101. It is the assertion of this article that students who use visual art as a pre-writing stimulus are composing their ideas both in images and in words…
  102. Thee Proctor was just sixteen when her entry at the Bowral Art Competition caught the eye of the judge…
  103. The principal principal and most consistently articulated recommendation of the world conferences was that countries must take full responsibility…
  104. In the last years of the wheat boom, Bennett had become increasingly…
  105. Stress is what you feel when you have to handle more than you are used to…
  106. Gas drilling on the Indonesian island of Java has…
  107. Jean Piaget, the pioneering Swiss philosopher and psychologist…
  108. Disease
  109. DNA Barcoding
  110. Absense From Work