Sydney – PTE – MARCH | Most Repeated Questions

#Sydney Cliffton PTE centre

#RL : 1.Climate Change(Hunger people in Africa)
2. How clouds form?
#DI : 1.Temparature vs Precipitation graph
2.Tree life(Seed+Tree image)
3.Map with Switzerland : Languages
4.Line graph with insured vs uninsured customers in USA.

#ASQ : Long trunk with two tusk : Elephant

Writing :
#SWT : 1. Some “moments” are important+Australia+history+Schoolchildren+nation’s past.
2.Overeducated+Perfect fit+perform better than other employees+intelligence+experience+knowledge

#WE : Students study effectively with time,peace,comfort. Dificult to learing with employment and distracts each one another > Give reasons and your opinion.

#FIB : 1.Germany trip+flight land
#RO : all are new(not remembering)
#MCSA: A bar graph with % about participation in sports.

Note:Nothing is repeated in reading section.

Listening :

#SST: 1.

2.War for Talent

#LFIB: Paragraph is about Melbourne Transportation:
Ans: Modes,Ferry,Introduced,Show,Travelling

#LMW :

1.About Avian Influenza (birds disease)
2.About Internet


1. Europe , America Painting+Artists
Correct Summary:1.About reference+reading+location