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Sales jobs allow for a great deal of discretionary time and effort on the part of the sales representatives – especially when compared with managerial, manufacturing, and service jobs. Most sales representatives work independently and outside the immediate presence of their sales managers. Therefore, some form of goals needs to be in place as motive and their performance. Sales personnel are not the only professionals with performance goals or quotas. Health care professionals operating in clinics have daily, weekly, and monthly goals in terms of patient visits. Service personnel are assigned a number of service calls they must during a set time period. Production workers in manufacturing have output goals. So, why are achieving sales goals or quotas such a big deal? The answer to this question can be found by examining how a firm’s other departments are affected by how well the company’s salespeople achieve their performance goals. The success of the business on the successful sales of its products and services. Consider all the planning, the financial, production and marketing efforts that go into what the sales force sells. Everyone depends on the sales force to sell the company’s products and services and they eagerly anticipate knowing things are going.

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