School-to-work transition is a historically…

School-to-work transition is a historically topic of educational policymaking and reform that impacts national systems of vocational education and training (Bailey, 1995). The transition process refers to a period between completion of general education and the beginning of vocational education or the beginning of gainful as well as to training systems, institutions, and programs that prepare young people for careers (Rauncr, 1999). The status passage of youth from school-to-work has changed structurally under late modernism. and young people are forced to adapt to changing demands of their environment especially when planning for entry into the labour market. While some young people have developed successful strategies to cope with these requirements. those undereducated and otherwise in society often face serious problems when trying to prepare for careers (DuBois-Reymond, 1998). Longer transitions lead to a greater vulnerability and to risky behaviours (Furlong

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Title 109. Transitions
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