Coffee can be considered one of nature’s greatest gifts. It gives mental and emotional…

Coffee can be considered one of nature’s greatest gifts. It gives mental and emotional clarity without harmful side effects, and it  contains a wealth of nutrients. Yet, when most people drink coffee, they are not thinking that the beverage is  improving their health. In fact, some may even feel a little guilty, since some believe coffee isn’t good for you at all. Well, coffee, like anything else, can cause problems if too much is  consumed . Moderate consumption of coffee provides your body with a wealth of antioxidants. These substances are responsible  for eliminating free radicals. They are the chemical byproducts produced any time your body does, something. A small number of them can help serve  for a buffer against negative elements, if they aren’t  kept in check. they can cause health problems. Antioxidants ensure that this doesn’t happen. The psychological effects of caffeine cannot be  ignored either. Not only does caffeine make you more  alert , but it can actually affect your mood. If you were feeling  depressed or overwhelmed, a nice cup of coffee could change your  perspective .The stack of work that seemed impossible before isn’t even a problem now.   In addition , caffeine helps stimulate creativity as it speeds up the body’s functioning. That’s why coffee is often  associated with writers and other intellectual professions. Other drugs  tend to make people dumber. Consider what happens when people get high off of crack or when they get drunk off of alcohol. They won’t be  functional at all. But with coffee, an individual gets a creative boost  while still helping their bodies. In conclusion, don’t feel bad when you’re brewing your morning cup of coffee.  Unlike . a can of soda or a shot of alcohol, coffee will make you feel wonderful while keeping you healthy. Just remember, you do have to consume the beverage in  moderation .

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