Who won the World Cup 1994 football game?

Who won the World Cup 1994 football game? What happened at the United Nations? How did the critics like the new play?  Just when an event takes place; newspapers are on the streets  to give the details. Wherever anything happens in the world, reports are on the spot to  gather the news. Newspapers have one basic  purpose , to get the news as quickly as possible from its source, from those who make it to those who want to  know it. Radio, telegraph, television, and  other inventions brought competition for newspapers. So did the development of magazines and other means of communication. However , this competition merely spurred the newspapers on. They quickly made use of the newer and faster means of communication to improve the  speed and thus the efficiency of their own operations. Today more newspapers are printed and read than ever before. Competition also led newspapers to branch out to many other fields. Besides keeping readers informed of the latest news, today‘s newspapers educate and influence readers about politics and other important and serious matters. Newspapers influence readers’ economic choices  through advertising. Most newspapers depend on advertising for their very  existence .Newspapers are sold at a price that   fails to cover even a small fraction of the cost of production. The main source of income for most newspapers is commercial advertising. The  success in selling advertising depends on a newspaper‘s value to advertisers. This   Is measured in terms of circulation. How many people read the newspaper? Circulation depends  much on the work of the circulation department and on the services or entertainment offered in a newspaper’s pages. But for the most part, circulation depends on a newspaper‘s value to readers as a source of information  about the community, city, country, state, nation, and world—and even outer space.

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