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Microplastics in recent years have taken front and center as a massive environmental problem havoc on ecosystems in even the most remote areas of the planet. In fact, since plastic is not decomposable, environmental scientists have been scrambling to come up with ways to the planet of microplastics and keep our waterways clean. And they have successfully used egg whites to create a lightweight and porous aerogel material that can be used in several ways, including water filtration, energy storage, and sound, as well as insulation. The structure has the ability to remove both salt and microplastics from seawater in remarkable ways, doing so with 98% and 99% efficiency, . And the experiments were done with regular store-bought eggs, which means that future work can be done in a cost-effective way. The only issue with this is that there would be such a large demand for eggs that it could possibly outcompete the food industry. Once this is tackled, using these structures will work as an effective, energy-efficient, and cost-effective method.

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