• 1) Unlike Barnes' previous books, Mother of Storms has a fairly large cast of viewpoint characters.
  • 2) But even the Evil American Corporate Magnate is a pretty likable guy.
  • 3) They're not all necessarily good guys, either, although with the hurricanes wreaking wholesale destruction upon the world's coastal areas, ethical categories tend to become irrelevant.
  • 4) This usually irritates me, but I didn't mind it here, and their interactions are well-handled and informative, although occasionally in moving those about the author's manipulations are a bit blatant. (Especially when one character's ex-girlfriend, who has just undergone a sudden and not entirely credible change in personality, is swept up by a Plot Device in Shining Armor and transported directly across most of Mexico and a good bit of the States to where she happens to bump into another viewpoint character.)
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